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We are pleased to recognize Mercedes-Benz of Tampa as a RatedBestDealership™ for their outstanding track record in delivering exceptional quality and unparalleled service to each and every customer visiting their facility. Mercedes-Benz of Tampa has built an outstanding reputation of service to it's customers and the Tampa Bay community it serves.

Mercedes-Benz of Tampa, situated on Dale Mabry Highway just north of the Raymond James Stadium,  is the Florida  flagship of the Coggin/Courtesy Automotive Group owned by Asbury Automotive Group since 1998. Asbury is a publicly traded company (New York Stock Exchange) and rates as the sixth largest automotive retailer in the USA.  Although part of a large corporation, what differentiates this group (and this dealership) is the corporate philosophy of giving local management great autonomy in the development and direction of the business. As a result the local Courtesy Stores and especially Mercedes-Bens of Tampa, benefit from a committed group of career professionals with a solid stake in the success of the dealership. This commitment shows at every level of the operation.

General Manager Frank Cuteri, a 25 year veteran, runs the operation with the proverbial velvet glove and iron fist.  No detail is too small to overlook. "Our product and our brand is far to valuable to tarnish by being inattentive or distracted" he claims. "We continually re-enforce to our entire team that the customer must always come first." This philosophy ensures that customers appreciate the Mercedes-Bens experience, and explains why this particular dealership has one of the highest rates of multi purchase customers in the country. Unlike most dealership GMs, Mr. Cuteri maintains his office on the sales floor, making him  accessible  to customers almost anytime.

Mr. Cuteri's right hand Lieutenant, Dominic Ford, runs the front end of the operation as General Sales Manager. An 18 year veteran, Mr. Ford  emigrated from England and retains his cockney accent which many of our locals find completely charming.  "We cater heavily to women here" exclaimed Mr. Ford in response to our query. "Women get the Mercedes-Benz brand because it is so natural to them. They understand the value of a Louis Vitton handbag or a Chanel suit. It's not just about the technology, or the safety, both of which are really important, but it's also about how the vehicle makes them feel. Elegant, sophisticated, secure. A ten year old Rolex is still a Rolex. So too is a Mercedes-Benz!"
Mercedes-Benz vehicles will never be accused of being too cheap, however they can be surprisingly affordable. Since many executives lease these vehicles for just a few years, and return them in great shape with low mileage, a pre-owned Mercedes-Bens can often be a bargain.  To add even more value, Mercedes-Benz  of Tampa has become the largest Mercedes-Bens Certified Pre-owned dealer in Florida. Certified Pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles provide customers with peace of mind, lower finance charges and new-car like warranties. "Our Certified Pre-owned program is by far the best you'll find anywhere!"  claims Ed Jablon, the Pre-Owned Director.

In addition  to Mercedes-Benz certified pre-owned vehicles, many other late model vehicles from other manufacturers are traded-in on New Mercedes-Bens vehicles.. To ensure these vehicles meet the dealership's quality and reliability standards, they too are put through rigorous inspections, then certified by the Courtesy Group with their own extended warranty program. As Mr. Jablon explains:"We want to be sure our customers are receiving the very best value for their money when purchasing any vehicle from us.".

With the success created by the sales team the
dealership has outgrown it's current facility. Plans
are approved and the new building (as shown
below) will be ready by 2010 .
Customer satisfaction and repeat business requires outstanding after sales service. At Mercedes-Benz of Tampa, more than 50 Factory-Trained Mercedes Certified Mechanics are on staff under the direction of Jeff Summers. Investment in on-going training and certification is a major focus of the operation.

"We are the only Mercedes Authorized Repair Facility in Hillsborough County" explains Mr. Summers proudly. "Our whistle-clean service center features more than 70 Mercedes-Benz service bays. We've invested Millions of dollars in specialized tools and equipment, with online diagnostics from the Mercedes-Benz factory – exclusively for the repair and restoration of Mercedes-Benz automobiles. We also stock  more than
$1 million in Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts ."

Mr. Summers is also quick to point out: "Did you know you can schedule your Mercedes Service online? With late evening and Saturday hours, we make it convenient to schedule your Mercedes-Benz repairs in Tampa. And we provide transportation, pick-up service and loaner cars when appropriate. We even provide 24 hour Roadside Assistance!"
Claudio Linden, the Master Certified Parts and Accessories Manager , oversees the extensive  inventory which  provides clients with endless possibilities to customize and accessorize
  their vehicle.

      "Whether your looking for replacement tires for your classic
       Mercedes, or you want to upgrade your vehicle with custom
       rims, ground effects spoilers or the latest in GPS
       navigation systems, I'm your man" says Mr. Linden.

      "Whatever you need or want, if it's for a Mercedes-Benz
          we probably have it in stock, or if not, we can get if for
                    you.  We also have a wide array of collectibles for
                            home and office, plus apparel, handbags and
                                more. All these items have  designed
                                    exclusively for Mercedes-Benz.
One of the most compelling things about  the Mercedes-Benz of Tampa organization is the personal commitment and involvement of management and staff in giving back to the community.

A major focus, spearheaded by Mr. Cuteri, has been to support research for Pediatric Cancer.  "We're part of this community" explains Mr. Cuteri. "This isn't just about our customers. These are our friends, our neighbors and our families. They need our help and support."

Another major benefactor is the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, providing educational counseling, scholarship assistance, and wounded warrior assistance. The Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides scholarship grants - not loans - to children of special operations forces who died as a result of an operational mission or training accident. The funds are used by the student for tuition, books, fees, room & board, transportation and personal costs.
Mercedes-Benz of Tampa is truly a unique and outstanding organization.  It's the people that make the difference. Stop in and meet them for yourself. You'll find them accessible, engaging, professional  and totally real.
Mercedes-Benz of Tampa
4636 N Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33614

Toll Free: 866-777-9545